Ua Pou

Our last island to visit in the Marquesas was Ua Pou (pronounced like Wa-Poo). This is one of the smallest islands, diamond shaped with 40 square miles. But it is the tallest island, with dagger-like amazing spires that extend to 4000 ft. Much of the 2000 population live in the town of Hakahau. We spent … Continue reading Ua Pou

Nuku Hiva

The main island of the Marquesas is Nuku Hiva, roughly 10 x 15 miles with over 3000 people. On the south side of the island, there are 3 large, lush valleys. The center one is Taiohae which has 2/3 of the population as well as the being the government seat for the Marquesas. As the … Continue reading Nuku Hiva

Ua Huka

Ua Huka is a small island of 30 square miles due East of Nuku Hiva, with only 3 tiny towns and 600 people total. We stayed on the southern coast at Ua Huka 5 days before returning to Nuku Hiva to resupply baguettes and pick up Matt. With Tony aboard, we set sail for Ua … Continue reading Ua Huka

Fatu Hiva

The island of Fatu Hiva is 40 miles upwind from Tahuata. We made the trip motor-sailing, using the power from the diesel engine to get upwind with the mainsail pulled in tight to give stability. Of course it’s possible to sail a boat upwind without the engine by tacking. The boat never goes directly upwind, … Continue reading Fatu Hiva