Haiku Day

Haiku Day It is haiku day Calm winds, fair seas, no one sick We’re just killing time A haiku haiku Five seven five of haikus Think we can do it? My brain feels so slow Haikus haikus everywhere Not a thought to think So close to nature Always living on the edge Can’t just plug … Continue reading Haiku Day

What now?

When we started this adventure, we planned to spend a year in the South Pacific. That year has come and gone. We have had exciting times, seen beautiful places, made new friends, and sailed thousands of miles. We tried to moor Akela in Tahiti for a few months, but there was no safe harbor there. … Continue reading What now?

Christmas Break

As true wanderers, we haven't had much of an itinerary for this trip. We expected something like a year, that we would spend time in interesting places, and that we would try to avoid bad weather. Starting off in February, we thought about following the "coconut Milk Run" of Marquesas-Tuamotus-Societies-Cook Islands-Tonga-Fiji then going to New … Continue reading Christmas Break