Check out the picture archive (the “Archives” tab on the main menu)  where digital pictures are posted and archived. This collection of pictures was taken over the years with family and friends aboard Akela.  As we collect more pictures, I’ll continue to dump them here.

The choice and timing of the pictures posted here may seem a bit strange.  While in the midst of having fun, we only sporadically stop to capture the moment with a picture.  (In fact, we went several years without even having a camera aboard.)  It’s always a balance with pictures.  We love to have pictures that share events and to help us remember them.  But the very moment that we wish to capture with a picture can by lost if we stop to photograph it, and it’s meaningless if we try to pose it. So haven’t been very good at actually taking the pictures that we long to share and cherish.

Nonetheless, there are some nice pictures, mostly that were shared by other people.  Hopefully the dearth of images from dozens of great adventures will help motivate me to take more pictures.  No promises.

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