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In November, Jim accepted 2 new crewmates on Akela : Nico and me, Marine, two dive instructors from Fakarava, dreaming to come back to the Marquesas Islands for the festival on Ua Pou in December.

The first step was Tetamanu, in the south of Fakarava to dive with the gang on two other sailing boats, Sushi and Pizza.


Diving with sharks at Tetamanu

After a few days we went to Tahanea, a beautiful atoll with 3 passes. We did spear fishing, snorkeling and used Mowgli (Akela’s sailing dinghy) and the paddleboards to discover the area.

Five days after, we used the engine and the sail to reach one of the smallest atolls of Tuamotu Islands, Tepoto South. Akela stayed outside of the atoll and we snorkeled in the little pass to explore. We were incredibly lucky to swim in this place.

After one day with the engine on the wonderful lake of the Pacific Ocean, we crossed the pass of Taenga during the outgoing current. It was a impressive moment, but Captain Jim did it !! 

We spent one day in this atoll, snorkeled with nurse sharks, whitetip and thousands of fishes. A very beautiful place to stay!

A nurse shark munching on a dead black tip shark in the pass
Where to next?

We decided to go to Raroia. One the way, Nico and Jim catch a fish, thanks for this gift!

Raroia was the occasion to find fuel, buy some vegetables, cook some coconut cakes and of course, discover this new island !

During the sunrise, we left Raroia to reach the Marquesas Islands. 6 days were necessary with the sails and the engine.

We arrived in Fatu Iva, first step in Marquesas! Hanavave bay is one of the most sumptuous bay in the french Polynesia. We stayed one day, the occasion to meet local people, hike to the small waterfall and enjoy fresh fruits and local handcraft.

We left Fatu Iva during the night to sail to Tahuata and stayed there at the town of Hapatoni for one day.

We started the last step at the sunset time to reach Nuku Hiva the day after. The stars were there to offer us a wonderful show ! The last sunrise gave me a view of all 6 islands… A magic moment!

We sailed the very last part of the trip as never, with a perfect wind to reach Taiohae, the bay of Nuku Hiva.

Thanks Jim and Akela to share with us this amazing trip!

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