Written by Matt Rademacher The town of Komiza The southern cliffs of Vis are visually different from the forest covered islands we have previously visited. Steep cliffs with open sea caverns at their base. Not many trees just ground hugging bushes. One limestone cliff is so symmetrically shaped it appears human carved. Jim wonders if … Continue reading Vis


Written by Matt Rademacher Jim is excited. The winds have picked up. Now he can make Vana do what she was built for. Diana has made dinner reservations  at an up scale fancy restaurant on the Island of Vis. We are going there. The west end of Korcula Island is barely visible on the distant … Continue reading Lastovo


Written by Matt Rademacher In the morning we get our boat papers back from the marina office, check our diesel motor oil, top off the inflatable dingy outboard motor fuel tank. We are a little cramped in the marina dock so Jim carefully plans a strategy to maneuver around neighboring boats. Jim motors Vana free … Continue reading Mljet


Written by Matt Rademacher Korcula Fortress On our way to Korcula we visit the Paklinski Islands. Recognized as one of the last pristine and undeveloped islands in the Mediterranean. The islands are very popular for swimming and snorkeling. The islands have many indented bay inlets that are ideal for sailboat anchoring. We find a cove … Continue reading Korcula

Hvar Island

Jim thought it important to explain the difference between private cruising and local Dalmatian charter sailing. Private cruising is more self-reliant, being able to exist for long periods away from safe port. Dalmatian chartering is for going short distance between marinas where at night the boat is plugged into the Islands electrical grid, freshwater utilities. … Continue reading Hvar Island