by Max

No land for many miles

Turbulent to the point of intake being rejected

Captain says, “Comfortable motion”

Waves tossing the boat around like a kid in a bathtub

Days draw out and meld together

How long have I been out here?

No sign of human existence since departure

Charts show land growing nearer, I am starting to not believe it

No sleep and constant motion make Max  dull boy

AM and PM are just letters, always awake

I love the ocean

I hate the ocean

Amazing experience or terrible nightmare?

Live like there is no tomorrow, so don’t cross the ocean. It will take longer than tomorrow

I am in a wooden bucket in a bigger bucket of water

I’m ready to go home now please


Yeah, I will definitely do it again

Open water passages

2 thoughts on “Open water passages

  1. Love this. Authentic, genuine and so relateable. NOT me sailing…just felt like I was there for a sec and sometimes my life. Also made me giggle. Thanks Max!! Be safe!


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