Haiku Day

It is haiku day
Calm winds, fair seas, no one sick
We’re just killing time

A haiku haiku
Five seven five of haikus
Think we can do it?

My brain feels so slow
Haikus haikus everywhere
Not a thought to think

So close to nature
Always living on the edge
Can’t just plug in

The timbers they creak
Clatter of dishes and stores
The sound of the sea

When sailing is nice
Calm euphoric peacefulness
Let’s check the weather

Land of hugging clouds
Falls under the horizon
What island comes next

Waves, water, and wind
The beautiful pacific
Always amazing

Just me on the deck
Darkness turns into sunrise
Dolphins all about

Low lying atolls
An unknown land of beauty
With crystal water

The turquoise blue sea
It calls me to take a dip
Go swim with the sharks

Dolphins on the bow
Whales out on the horizon
Life is pretty sweet

My old man slept in
Left me with all the dishes
I’ll make him coffee

Bodily functions
Toot, tinkle, sweat, sneeze, snort, poo
Max, you’re disgusting

An eighth inch of grime
Gotta focus on hygiene
Time to brush my teeth

There’s no finer joy
Than a cup of fresh coffee
That’s made by my boy

Words now come easy
Thinking in five seven five
Haikus take practice

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