Out in the big ocean blue
With not anything to do
Just burning up time
We’re making up rhymes
Songs, limericks, and Haikus

While crossing the sea in a gale
The water came over the rail
Day after day
We take waves and spray
And even caught squid in the sail

I’m off to go find me a girl
It’s new but I’ll give it a whirl
I walk up to meet
Then I get cold feet
And when I get nervous I hurl

My girlfriend I love her to bits
Everything I do, she just gets
She’s lovely and sweet
But I’d like to meet
Her sister who has bigger tits

Oh what a joy to go sailing
We take water over the railing
We have an old boat
and keep her afloat
With love and affection and bailing

It seems like life is in Slo-Mo
We capture our sights using GoPros
Its so damned remote
You must get there by boat
Oh how I love Tuamotos

Time moves so differently here
What that means is really not clear
It goes by so fast
Recalling the past
Was it one day or was it a year?

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