Three years ago, I started this blog to share our adventures crossing the ocean and visiting far-away places that most people can only dream about. It’s been quite a trip! But now Akela is once again moored in the crowded San Diego Bay and I have the swallowed the proverbial anchor and settled back into “normal” life in Tucson.

I have plenty of cool things to do. I’m loving my time with Laura and we’re looking forward to gunkholing the continental US in Murtle (our camper van that seems like a sailboat on wheels). I greatly value my time with Charlie and his family. I’m energized by diving full bore into a business venture. It’s cool enough to go mountain biking. And I have a renewed passion for locally made craft beer.

Every day, I think about Max. Some days this brings a smile, and on others it brings tears. My life has changed forever, and in some ways for the better. I am more compassionate, and I care even less for the stupid things that don’t matter. But the world was a better place with Max in it, and I miss him dearly.

I continue sailing Akela for long weekends with my friends and family, and I will probably sail back to Mexico next year. I don’t have any specific plans to head offshore again, but I fully expect that I will. When? Where to? With whom? — Who knows? The world is a big place with plenty of natural beauty to behold and interesting people to befriend. And I know that I can travel to any part of it that I put my mind to. I know the camaraderie that must be earned with shared adventure, the exhilaration of shouting down my fears, the deep satisfaction of a successful voyage, and the inner peace that can be found in the most isolated places. Life on a small boat is hard, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But it suits me well. I’m not done.

The SailAkela blog itself has become a chore since WordPress forced it wiped clean since I changed my plan with them. I have most of it reloaded. I expect this to be my final blog entry.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

3 thoughts on “The great Pacific adventure comes to a close

  1. As you said Jim, Sailing on a small boat I not for everyone, but I really appreciate that you took us along through this blog. It would be an understatement to say the blog took us places we never wanted to go, but alas, I guess that’s life. We have to deal with everything it throws at us. Thanks for your willingness to share so openly. We love you guys! And I’d like to reserve a spot for Steve and me on the boat for a short, calm trip 😉❤️


  2. You are an inspiration, and I con only hope to remain on your crew list for future adventures! I’m pretty good at boat work, too, but I’m gonna need a sandy beach and cocktails next time!!

    XO, Patrik


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